December 3, 2017
Best Selling Kang’a’bounce Rides at Lower Pirces

kangaroo Jump Rides for sale

kangaroo Jump Rides for sale The kangaroo jump ride, one kind of family rides which is frequently seen in amusement parks, is also called Kang’a’bounce ride for sale and really welcomed in the amusement parks. Goldlion has designed and manufactured the best kangaroo jump rides for sale in the foreign countries for many years and has achieved great achievement. Goldlion has been the top kangaroo jump ride manufacturer in China. Goldlion adopts the advanced bounce technology to produce the Kang’a’bounce rides and can bring the riders an unforgettable ride experience, which are greatly loved by children and adults. It is […]
November 26, 2017
best selling carnival trackless train rides for sale cheap

Trackless Train for sale

Name Trackless train for sale Capacity 16 to 20 children and adults Locomotive size 2900*1160*1920mm Dimension 10500*1160*1920mm Turning radius 3.5m Max speed 10km/h Battery set 24pcs lead acid 5vbs 250ah Charger 48 v/45a Range 90 km Power 3kw Please follow and like us:
November 18, 2017
merry go round manufacturers china

Carousel for sale

Passenger Voltage Power Platform Diameter Height Speed 12 persons 220V 3kw 5m 3.8m 3.5rpm 16 Persons 220V/380V 2.2KW/3KW 6m 4.8m 3.5rpm 24 Persons 220V/380V 6KW 8m 4.8m 3.5rpm 36 Persons 220V/380V 7KW 8m 4.8m 3.5rpm Please follow and like us:
November 18, 2017
battery operated bumper cars for sale

Bumper Cars for sale

Type kids battery bumper car Operation steering wheel Seats material PU Buffer tire Professional bumper car buffer tire Painting car painting Material steel frame , FRP Lights LED lights Voltage 24 v Charging time 2-7 hours Size 1.8*1.1*0.9 m / 1.8*1.8*0.9 m Seats double Packing wooden case Please follow and like us:
November 18, 2017
amusement park train manufacturers

Amusement Park Trains for sale

power 2kw voltage 220v passenger 14 area 8m Light LED light Warranty 18 month Please follow and like us:
November 17, 2017
top samba balloon amusement park ride manfacturer

Samba Balloon Ride for sale

Description Playground Equipment Samba Balloon Size Dia 8xH4m Space area 10x10m Fence circumference 32m Capacity 24 seats Cockpit 8 pcs Power 8.5Kw Voltage 380V Lifting height 1.5m Speed 6-8rpm Please follow and like us:
November 1, 2017
BAR-FY32c Best Selling Flying Chair Swing Rides Cheap

Swing Ride for sale

Capacity Turntable Diameter Height Rotary diameter Power Voltage 16 persons 6m 7m 7m 4.5KW 380V 24 persons 7m 8m 11m 7KW 380V 32 persons 10m 9m 13m 12KW 380V 36 persons 12m 12m 14m 15KW 380V 12 persons / 3.5m 7.5m 2.2KW 380V Please follow and like us:
November 1, 2017
BAR-DBC16 Giant Spinning Pendulum Thrill Rides in Goldlion Cheap

Frisbee Ride for sale

name of the products big pendulum big pendulum persons 16persons 24persons voltage 380v 380v power 30kw 75kw Area 42.65ft*39.37ft 39.37ft*36.09ft swing speed 410m/min 410m/min Max swing ±120° ±120° rotation 360° 360° rotation speed 6-12circles/min 6-12circles/min rotation diameter 18.70ft 15.75ft Material Steel and glass fiber reinforced plastics Steel and glass fiber reinforced plastics weight 7.8T 9.5T Volume 53 m3 63 m3 height 9.3m 9.5m length of steel cube 39.37ft 36.09ft Please follow and like us: