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BAR-028 Fiberglass Party or Mall Electric Trackless Trains for Sale

Trackless Train for sale

The trackless train for sale manufactured in Goldlion Amusement Equipment is really well-known around the world, and this kind of train owns the new style and novel design. The Goldlion trackless train is welcomed by kids and adults of different age groups. There are various models electric trackless train in Goldlion manufactured, including the fiberglass amusement trains and solid wood kiddie train rides according to the raw material of the mini electric trackless train. Besides, Goldlion, as the top trackless train manufacturer, also supplies the trackless train for the shopping mall as the mall train rides to entertain the kids and attract more customers, and the trains for the birthday party as the party trackless trains to make the party more interesting and bring the happy memory for the party. When you have any demand or need, do not hesitate to Contact Us right now! It is very attractive!
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best selling carnival trackless train rides for sale cheap

BAR-028 Fiberglass Party or Mall Electric Trackless Trains for Sale

Goldlion kids train for sale

BAR-060 Quality Fiberglass Trackless Mall Trains for Sale Cheap in Goldlion

best selling electric fiberglass trackless trains for sale

BAR-060 Hot Sale Blue Fiberglass Electric Amusement Train Rides

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BAR-010 Trackless Trains for Sale

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BAR-010 Trackless Tour Train for Sale in China

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BAR-40WG Goldlion Fiberglass Electric Trackless Train Rides with 40 Seaters

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BAR-TL Goldlion New Tackless Trains for Kids in Malls

The fiberglass kids riding trains can be higher in quality, long lasting, more steady and relatively accommodate more passengers. The common small kids trains often has the capacity of 18 to 24 children and adults. And the locomotive size is 2900*1160*1920 mm and the dimension of the whole quality trains is 10500*1160*1920mm. The turning radius is 3.5m and the carnival trains from Goldlion group can run to the maximum speed of 10km/h at least, which is equipped with 24pcs lead acid battery set. If necessary, we can customized our trains to take more passengers for customers according to their requirement. The solid wood trains are also selling well in Goldlion group, best China mini electric tourism train supplier. The solid wood kids train, may looking simple but also vary attractive, paint with top quality painting and unique design, making it high quality, long lasting, and quite popular in the amusement parks and resort. Some Goldlion train rides for kids can have the capacity of 40 people and is specially designed for in cities, towns, or amusement parks, resorts, and so on. And it is the ideal selection for city tour and sightseeing purpose.
The Goldlion amusement park trackless train rides for sale are widely seen in various types of amusement parks or theme parks and belong to a kind of road-going articulated vehicle used for the transport of passengers, comprising a driving vehicle pulling one or more carriages connected by drawbar couplings. As the quality park trains from Goldlion Amusement Equipment are powered by electricity and designed with many year’s experience, the park trackless train rides are a quiet, safe, very maneuverable and environmentally friendly electric train. The Goldlion trackless train rides imitate the trains we often take in our life. The amusement trains can run with a high speed, which can bring much excitement and fun for all family members, as well can relax themselves. At the same time, the vintage amusement park trackless trains for sale in Goldlion are also one of the hot products.

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BAR-18A Goldlion Big Elephant Fiberglass Electric Mall Trackless Trains for Sale

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BAR-14A Goldlion Big Elephant Fiberglass Electric Mall Trackless Trains for Sale

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BAR-14A Goldlion Big Elephant Fiberglass Electric Mall Trackless Trains for Sale

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BAR-011 Solid Wood Electric Trackless Train for Sale

What makes the Goldlion amusement carnival equipment be the top selling amusement trackless train rides manufacturer? Goldlion has the whole production lines of the amusement trains for sale. Therefore, we can keep the price of the Goldlion park trackless train acceptable. Goldlion Amusement Equipment manufactures high quality long lasting generic and custom built multi-colored trackless trains and the Goldlion train rides is totally built and assembled at our factory in Henan, China. Goldlion amusement trackless train adopts first class resin, thickness is very strong, color is baked by high temperature, not easy to fade. Workmanship of trackless trains in Goldlion is very good .

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BAR-012 Electric Party or Mall Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Goldlion Fiberglass Electric Trackless Train for Sale

BAR-013 Hot Sale Electric Trackless Train Rides Cheap

Zhengzhou Goldlion Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is the top amusement park train ride manufacturers in China and supplies various quality amusement equipment for customers all over the world, including the trackless train rides. And all quality amusement equipment in Goldlion amusement equipment sells well nationwide. Please leave your message here to know more information.

Features of Goldlion Trackless Trains:

1. Various in colour, cute cartoon for carriage decorations and driving freely with music, which is attractive and can be customized by customers.
2. Safe in operation and high in quality with reasonable prices.
3. Decorated with LED lights for the carriage, the park trains is flashing romantic at night.
4. Powered by electric motor, the trackless train rides are eco-friendly.
5. It has novel shape, security, good performance to adapt to wide range of amusement parks.
6. Goldlion amusement park trains for sale have a longer service life.

Technical Paramater of Goldlion Trackless Trains/h3>

Name Trackless train for sale
Capacity 16 to 20 children and adults
Locomotive size 2900*1160*1920mm
Dimension 10500*1160*1920mm
Turning radius 3.5m
Max speed 10km/h
Battery set 24pcs lead acid 5vbs 250ah
Charger 48 v/45a
Range 90 km
Power 3kw
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